May 04, 2016



DALI Loudspeakers, Cayin Audio & Lyric Audio will exhibit their product line-ups at the 2016 Munich High End Show from May 5th-8th. DALI will feature the complete line-up including the latest in wall addition H120 and new Rubicon centre channel models. Cayin will introduce 4 new components including the iDAC6 tube DAC and matching iHA6 headphone amplifier, CS88A integrated amplifier and matching CS100CD tube DAC / CD Player. Newcomer, Lyric Audio, will display their incredible "Made in Germany" handcrafted phono and integrated tube amplifiers.

DALI Loudspeakers will be located at D-108

Cayin Audio will be located at Hall 4 - S10

Lyric Audio will be located at Hall 4 - T09