DALI - Zensor AX Active Speakers

April 24, 2015

The DALI ZENSOR AX series.

As the name indicates, the new ZENSOR AX series are powered versions of the widely popular ZENSOR 1 and 5. The built in 2 x 50W fully digital amplifier supplies both left and the right speakers and uses the ZENSOR crossover so these new babies deliver the original ZENSOR sound. The user will experience easy connectivity via Bluetooth (Apt-X if supported) or using the optical (TOSLink) or analogue (RCA) inputs.

The DALI ZENSOR AX series will set you free from the electronics traditionally associated with a high quality audio experience. Both the stand mount and the floor standing model come complete with all you need. They require nothing extra, just connect the mains and the speaker cables and you are ready to play.

Launch Date, August 2015