Lyric Audio Now Available in Canada

October 26, 2015

The goal behind Lyric Audio is absolute musicality.

Simplicity, combined with technical innovations and modern, minimalist design, ensure the very highest performance in tube amplifiers today.

Developed by Stefan Noll, the talented, award winning veteran designer and engineer, Lyric was formed as a partnership between Noll and German distributor Thomas  Deyerling to manufacture state of the art tube products.

Each unit is carefully hand crafted in Schlüchtern, Germany using of the finest components of their own specification. Prior to shipping, every unit is continually bench tested for several days to ensure the highest level of quality control and reliability.

The new line-up includes both Class A and AB integrated amplifier designs which can incorporate a variety of tubes including the KT150, KT120 and KT88 (Gold Lion). Phono stages are available in MM and MC versions. All products are available in black or silver.