February 21, 2016

What can I say...we're really having fun with this amplifier. For most everyone out there I think its safe to say the Cayin CS55A will radically change the way your system produces music. Imagine a deep and wide soundstage, where musicians perform on stage behind your speakers and the vocalist is up front. The recording is important of course but for many, many songs the Cayin amplifier is the difference between a flat wall of sound and the 3 dimensional layers that accompany a live performance. The various DALI loudspeakers we have been pairing literally disappear and bring to life a holographic musical experience quite unlike anything we've heard but for the most high end systems. Its actually a little spooky with a good recording.

Some of you undoubtable will be saying that's how a proper system should sound and of course, you would be right. Some of you will be saying that's the difference between vinyl and digital and many of you will be asking what turntable, arm, and cartridge we are using and that would be where everything changes because we're using a MacBook Pro with Tidal HIFI and the latest $50USD Amarra app for Tidal from Sonic Studio. Speakers of choice are DALI of course and we've tested various models including: (Zensor 3/5, Opticon 5/6, Rubicon 2/6) and connected everything with the latest top end DALI speaker wire.

A built-in HiRes DAC allows you to plug into the Cayin CS55A directly but don't worry, Cayin has not forgotten about vinyl, you have the best of both world's. A high quality on board MM phono amp allows you to connect your turntable directly and as with the DAC, eliminates the need for outboard components, extra cables and the endless debate about digital vs. vinyl...so everyone can just get on with it.

The Cayin CS55A comes with a remote but the new Amarra app allows you to control your Tidal music selection, play, forward, back and volume from your IOS or Android device. This integration of Cayin's superior tube amplification and its point to point wiring, a HiRes DAC & phono, the Amarra for Tidal app and DALI loudspeakers is an absolutely killer combination for anyone who wants to enjoy music on both digital and vinyl.

Some fun songs to listen to on Tidal HIFI:

Lightnin Hopkins - Goin Away

Keith Richards - Rockawhile

Justin Bieber - Love Yourself (Yes...really, not perfect but damn close for a pop album)

Amy Winehouse - Love is losing game (Original Demo)

John Hyatt - Feels Like Rain

P.S. If these don't sound amazing on your system, lets talk...