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Acoustic Energy AE509 Review

Acoustic Energy AE509 Review

Acoustic Energy AE509 deliver a new standard in fit and finish. The sandwich designed cabinets squeeze resonant dampening material between two layers of MDF resulting in absolutely inert cabinets that are not much fun to move but worth the effort once connected. 

Piano gloss is difficult to apply and many speakers, even really expensive ones often show waves in the finish. The Acoustic Energy cabinets are mirror perfect and its quite uncommon to see something this good at the price.

We don't often talk about the hardware included with speakers but the solid aluminum outrigger bars and screw-in feet are beautifully finished and add to the speaker in an aesthetically pleasing form and function.

OK...they look good but how do they sound? Well that depends on one factor, power. These speakers are not in-efficient but they need quality power to function properly as lesser amplifiers will quickly run out of steam as the volume goes up. If you are using any of the 25 or 35 series Exposure products or anything from the Cyrus Classic or XR series, hang on to your hat because you're in for a ride.

Watch the video below to see what one reviewer though of the speakers.

YouTube review by Thomas and Stereo talking about his impression of the Acoustic Energy AE509 after auditioning more than 80 pairs of loudspeakers.

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