Cyrus Audio XR Series is Launched

Cyrus Audio XR Series is Launched

The Cyrus Audio XR Series is the latest series of reference British hifi products from the Cambridge audio manufacturer. This is an uncompromising range of discrete audiophile components, the performance of which elevates Cyrus into the very highest echelons of transparency, precision and performance.

Cyrus Audio XR Phantom Black



"We have had sample product here for the last several weeks and I'm happy to report that this is a significant upgrade over the Classic series in most every way. The Classic series for us continues to represent real value with it's die-cast aluminum chassis and outstanding performance. However, the new XR range brings music to life in a way we have rarely heard before. In combination with the Neat Acoustics Ekstra speakers, music is three dimensional, placement is so good that musicians are almost visible and the "art form" of the recording is easily distinguishable song to song and artist to artist. We are stunned by how good this is and can't wait to see what the PSU XR will bring to the party."

XR is nothing short of a revolution in audio quality. Built from the ground-up, using an accumulated knowledge of over a decade, XR represents the best-in-class application of new DAC technologies, Power supply Design, Circuit topology, User Interface and, is built entirely in the UK using the highest specification of components.

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