Neat Majistra Isobaric Bookshelf Speakers

Neat Majistra Isobaric Bookshelf Speakers

Majistra is the fourth model in the Neat STRATA range and sits alongside the Ministra, Ekstra and the "Product of the Year" award winner, Orkestra floorstanding speakers. 

This latest model follows the format of the bookshelf/stand-mount Ministra speaker, but incorporates a larger cabinet to accommodate the drive unit configuration from the top-of-the-range Orkestra. 

All the fundamental design features of the STRATA range are present: isobaric bass configuration, true-ribbon tweeter and separate sub-baffle for the front drivers. In common with all Neat loudspeakers, the Majistra’s crossover is hand-built using point-to-point wiring with only the best components available. 

The 164mm bass-mid drivers in this arrangement produce a truly phenomenal bass extension and control, usually only found in larger floorstanding designs. Cabinets are substantial and the weight of the speaker is significant given their relative size. 

They require some power to drive as with all speakers in this price range but the payoff is a massive three dimensional soundstage and spot on midrange. One of favourite new products. Made in England.



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