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2018 DALI Factory Tour in Norager, Denmark

2018 DALI Factory Tour in Norager, Denmark

It is truly a juggernaut of a factory and facility.

Hidden away in the countryside of Northern Denmark, DALI has built a world class operation complete with beautiful sound rooms, offices, corporate meeting spaces, warehousing and of course the factory. It's huge...and anyone who is not familiar with the brand should know that they now ship to more than 65 countries with a mirror copy factory in Asia to produce lower cost products and service the overseas market. It is hard to wrap your head around how big this place is.

 Every employee I met during my visit was committed to delivering the highest standard and upon completing each speaker, signed their name to the back. Ownership is a big part of ensuring a quality product each time and DALI takes this commitment very seriously.

I think what sets DALI apart in many respects is there commitment to music and the reproduction of high fidelity sound. The CEO, Lars Worre personally oversaw some of the auditions during our stay, pointing out details (some obvious and some subtle) with the passion of a real music enthusiast. Watch the video shot during the making of the latest DALI CD and I think you'll understand what these folks are all about. A few pictures below...




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