Ultrasone Headphones Now Available in Canada

Ultrasone Headphones Now Available in Canada

With more than 60 patents, Ultrasone has been manufacturing extraordinary headphones and in-ear monitors for more than 25 years. Hand-crafted in Germany, the Edition 15 (shown) gets its breathtaking sound from a completely new development: gold titanium compound (GTC) driver technology. The membrane consists of gold foil and a titanium dome – elements that combine to produce an outstandingly transparent sound quality with an incredible degree of precision. The uniquely refined sound quality delivered by the Edition 15 is just as beneficial for private listening sessions as it is for working in a mastering studio. The headphones feature patented S-LogicEX® technology to ensure perfect spatiality – all the instruments are acoustically arranged with outstanding clarity and precision, right across the bandwidth and in the bass. Contact us to learn more about the Ultrasone line-up.

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