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Cyrus PSX R2 Power Supply


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Cyrus PSX-R2 works in tandem with the built-in power supply of select Cyrus components to manage and apply power when and where needed. It can, for example, remove any cross-contamination generated by the motors in the Cyrus CDi, reduce noise in the Pre-amp section of the Phono Signature, or increase dynamics in the amplifier section of the 82 DAC integrated amplifier.

An external power supply works by providing a regulated DC power feed free of noise that is otherwise present in all domestic power supplies. Connecting the PSX-R2 power supply enables the high-grade circuit in the partnering component will perform to its full potential and is a simple and popular upgrade.


±35.5 VDC For stereo power and integrated amplifiers
±18-30 VDC For mono-bloc power and other amplifiers
±21 VDC For low power applications


Height – 73
Width – 215
Depth – 360
Wight 7kg