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Cyrus Classic

The benefit of using the same chassis structure across all products in the Cyrus Classic series is a level of consistency in performance. It also allows customers with older units to have the internals upgraded/updated to the latest design without the trouble and expense of selling the entire system and starting again. This upgradeable design concept has been created by Cyrus to provide the widest possible choice and the longest useful life for our products. We want to help you to build a better music experience from the outset. The exceptional upgrade options we provide can be seen here.

The Cyrus Chassis

• A solid foundation used to build all classic models.
• Die-cast by injecting molten aluminium under extreme pressure gives a dense rigid case to build upon.
• The non-magnetic, thermally efficient construction gives a stable mechanical and electrical platform.
• Components are suspended upside down from the casting greatly reducing any vibration issues.
• Manufactured in Sweden - each casting is individually hand finished before painting in England.
• Versatile, bespoke design gives a uniquely recognisable Cyrus footprint.
• Available in Brushed Black and Quartz Silver (Special Order) paint finishes.

  • Cyrus Audio

    Cyrus CDi CD Player


    Cyrus CDi CD player comes from a long line of class-leading and award winning components but none have so consistently wowed critics as the remarka...

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  • Save $200.00
    Cyrus Audio

    Cyrus Stereo 200 Power Amplifier

    Original Price $3,699.00
    Current Price $3,499.00

    Cyrus Audio Stereo 200 power amplifier is a rare beast indeed – lauded by many as one of the finest power amplifiers of its generation, the Stereo ...

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    Original Price $3,699.00
    Current Price $3,499.00
    Save $200.00