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DALI Rubicon C

The DALI Rubicon C active wireless speakers are an evolution in design and performance. The reference Danish loudspeaker incorporates pure digital amplification and DSP to deliver that authentic DALI sound. RUBICON C delivers a rock solid, zero loss signal in conjunction with the DALI sound hub from its own network. The easy setup is made with a focus on "connecting with everything" and features two 250 watts musical Class D amplifiers in each speaker. There is plenty of power to ensure more than enough sound pressure even in complex musical passages or massive explosions in movies. ZERO LOSS WIRELESS STREAMING


The sound hub is the starting point when setting up your RUBICON C speakers. The hub is the base of the distribution of the wireless audio signal. This is where initiating the pairing process begins. The DALI SOUND HUB houses all the potential connections. With a focus on zero-loss, no latency and easy setup, the wireless connection only requires power to be fully working, which means easy change of setup and no installation of audio cords. The wireless connection between RUBICON C and the hub will even work without any Wi-Fi signal active, due to the direct connection between the units.