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Lyngdorf develops bold ideas that go beyond the ordinary.
The Lyngdorf R&D department spearheads advances in the sound industry and always will. Lyngdorf offered room correction and 100% digital processing before it was a widely recognized alternative to pure analog products. They developed unique and innovative technologies, prove they can’s that simple.

But simple doesn’t mean easy. Reaching this level of perfection in sound engineering has been a difficult and disciplined road. Right from the start Lyngdorf Audio have worked intently on the research and development necessary to lay the groundwork for the technologies to come and right from the start they have insisted that the technologies they've developed provide a measurable improvement to the way audio is processed. Every technology is tested, proven, and supported by hard facts. 

Applying digital technology to amplification and room correction has changed the face of the audio world forever and Lyngdorf Audio developed these technologies first.