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Ruark Audio products are regarded as the finest radio, compact bluetooth speakers and music systems available. The Sunday Telegraph memorably describes the Ruark R1 as "the Aston Martin of clock radios" and the Ruark Audio MR1 Mk2 bluetooth speakers have been voted the best in Britain for 3 years running.


  • Ruark Audio R4 Integrated Music System | AUDIONATION
    Ruark Audio R4 Integrated Music System | AUDIONATION
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    R4 Integrated Music System

    On looks alone the Ruark Audio R4 integrated music system is desirable, but listen and this emotion grows stronger. The R4 produces a quality of so...

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    R3 Music System

    The Ruark Audio R3 has carefully considered proportions that create a purposeful look. The cantilevered legs subtly angle the unit upwards giving t...

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