AUDIONATION was founded on the belief that high fidelity music and modern design can co-exist.

It seemed natural then that we would begin in Denmark, the epicentre of mid-century modern and the birthplace of Peter Jensen, inventor of the moving coil speaker. Today, four of our brands hail from Denmark, all of which deliver both outstanding performance and simple, beautiful design, the trademark of all Danish products. The balance of our products originate in the UK, home of the legendary BBC monitors, originally designed to record some of the most famous musical artists in history.

Founded in 2011, we have grown from a passion for music and design to include residential, commercial, architectural and immersive surround products from some of the most recognized brands in Europe, all delivered to your door right here in Canada. As a final note about our brands, we encourage customers to shop locally before purchasing online so contact us and where possible, we will connect you to a partner store nearby.