Acoustic Energy Today

Acoustic Energy was originally founded in West London in 1987. The first product was the legendary world-renowned loudspeaker, the AE1. Originally designed as a near field monitor by Phil Jones, his goal was to “improve the quality of music reproduction by absolute resolution, as good music should not be played on bad speakers”. The AE1 set new industry standards in audio performance from a compact enclosure, creating the company’s product ethos maintained to this day.

In the mid-90s Acoustic Energy partnered with an overseas manufacturer, enabling the brand to expand its global reach through a wider product portfolio. To facilitate this growth, AE moved from London to larger premises in the historical town of Cirencester in the heart of the Cotswolds.

Our loudspeakers have always received critical acclaim from audio journalists around the world, helping to secure our status as one of the most highly regarded British brands in the audio industry.


The flagship 500 Series comprises the multiple, international award winning line-up including the AE500 stand-mount, AE509 and the AE520 floor-standing loudspeakers. All models feature our newly developed carbon fibre tweeter and mid/bass driver, designed to match the pistonic power and accuracy of our legendary ceramic aluminium drivers but with improved self-damping for a smoother, more transparent sound. 

Acoustic Energy AE500-Walnut-Lifestyle

The new 25mm carbon fibre tweeter dome is lighter and more damped than typical hard dome materials, providing a lightning fast and accurate sound with optimum neutrality. Our extremely inert, cast aluminium WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology™)  waveguide surrounding the tweeter ensures sweet, clear and natural vocals, whilst positioning close to the mid/bass driver improves dispersion and soundstage.

The new 125mm mid/bass drivers have been designed with oversized 35mm voice coils for low thermal compression and a highly dynamic yet controlled bass response. The woofers also have an optimized motor suspension system for maximum linearity and lowest distortion for mid-range definition, whilst the lightweight nature of the cone material increases transient speed and clarity. 

These unique high and low frequency drivers are housed in our new Resonance Suppression Composite (RSC) cabinets evolved from the prestigious Reference Series and feature the same constrained layer composite material to greatly reduce cabinet acoustic radiation. 

The 500 Series is available in high gloss Piano Black, White and American Walnut real wood veneer cabinet finishes.


Building on the hugely popular and universally acclaimed 100 series, the AE300 bookshelf speaker and AE309 floorstanding speaker elevate the product with multiple upgrades, all designed to improve both audio performance and aesthetics, befitting its more premium status. Bespoke new drive units have been designed in tandem to offer seamless tonal integration with low distortion and high-power handling benefits.

Acoustic Energy AE309-White-Lifestyle

The 28mm aluminium dome tweeter houses our WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology™) surround and the 130mm aluminium mid-bass driver uses a ceramic aluminium sandwich cone with an ultra-shallow profile and long throw motor system. This new driver boasts improved dispersion, extended bass slam and overall power handling. The cabinet enclosures are crafted from an inert 18mm high density MDF material with proprietary internal bracing technology to reduce cabinet colouration. 

The 300 Series is available in high gloss Piano Black, White and Walnut real wood veneer cabinet finishes.


A stylish, powerful range of entry-level loudspeakers embodying all the qualities Acoustic Energy is renowned for. The 100 series introduced a number of evolutionary changes focused on refining the listening experience from a room friendly loudspeaker at an affordable price. 

Acoustic Energy AE120-Walnut-Lifestyle

Our WDT (Wide Dispersion Technology™) tweeter assembly from the AE1 Active was introduced creating much-improved in-room dispersion for the 25mm soft dome tweeter and is included throughout the series including the AE100 bookshelf speaker, AE109 compact floor-stander and the top model in the series, the AE120. The 110mm paper coned mid/bass drivers use a high force, long throw motor systems which are reflex loaded through slot ports located to the rear of the 100s, 109s and 107 enclosures for less midrange colouration and improved bass response. Externally the elegant appearance is achieved by attractive finish options with neat magnetic grilles to complement the compact, slim-line 18mm MDF cabinets.

The 100 Series is available in Satin Black, White (AE100 only) and Walnut vinyl veneer cabinet finishes. 


The AE1 Active is an award-winning two way stand-mount speaker with integrated class A/B amplification and fully active filter networks. 

Featuring Acoustic Energy’s legendary pure piston ceramic aluminium cone technology, the AE1 Active has all the refinement and impact you would expect from the original AE1 housed within a self powered, fully active package.

Acoustic Energy AE1 Active-White

The speakers also feature Acoustic Energy’s proprietary aluminium dome tweeter with our unique WDT waveguide for improved coverage and room integration

The AE1 Active is equally comfortable in the home or the recording studio with the added benefit of adjustable bass and treble controls and a choice of RCA or balanced XLR connections.