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Cyrus Audio is unique among British high-end audio manufacturers. The pioneering work of the Cambridge audio company has led to remarkable and proprietary advances in DAC design, power management, CD servo design, and noise rejection.

Each of the Classic and XR products is housed in a carefully crafted, inverted ‘cast-aluminium’ chassis and fitted with the finest audio components available. Products are painstakingly hand-finished and soak-tested, taking over four weeks from start to finish at the factory in Nottingham.

The stunning elegance and searing performance of your Cyrus music system truly justify their ‘pride-of-place’ in your listening or sitting room. 



An analogy… Brilliant hi-fi is like a beautifully clean window – with no dirt, smudges or scratches. It provides a level of engagement and connection that is completely pure – free from any artifacts that mask the original recording. Lesser audio products, while they serve a similar function, are full of acoustic smears that mask detail.

By creating the cleanest window on the recording possible, we bring listeners much closer to that place, that moment of pure genius when the track was laid down – and so build the ‘experience’ to a standard which is worthy of the Cyrus name.

There are many choices an engineer makes in the design of a product. The smallest details in circuit layout, in component quality and even manufacturing process can have a profound effect on the end result. Cyrus Audio build, test, experiment, create and redefine technology.



The Cyrus listening room is not an anechoic chamber, or a specially treated acoustic environment. It’s a sensible size, with real world décor and furniture, created to model a typical listening or living room environment.

The process is one of comparison. There are clear objectives in the design of every product. They reference against market leaders, and their own flagship products to push the design envelope ever further forward.

For a typical product, Cyrus will go through over 20 design iterations – and for some products, well over 100. The team listens, analyzes, and measures to define those parameters which the listening panel can hear. Through careful control and experimentation, the Cyrus team isolates acoustic traits to tiny groups or even individual components. Absolutely no stone is left unturned in the process; no compromise deemed acceptable.


Cyrus XR and Classic products are designed, engineered, and manufactured in the UK. The R&D facilities in Cambridgeshire combine with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Nottingham to deliver world-class products. A significant recent investment in prototyping facilities and production engineering resources, ensure products are now higher performing, more reliable and quicker to market than ever before.

Cyrus products are built to last. They are proud to support and service products over a decade old – that includes bringing them right up to date wherever possible. Using a modular design approach means that with the latest QXR upgrade card, they are able to transform the performance of older products through a simple upgrade, where most hi-fi manufacturers would be requiring you to replace your products.


Cyrus has a heritage of over three decades of award-winning products. Since the foundation of the company, Cyrus Audio have won accolades the world over for incredible engineering expertise and the finesse of their application to turn these technologies into ‘real-world’ products. Beginning with the Cyrus ONE in 1984, a 3 decade long journey led to the modern range of CD players, transports, integrated amplifiers and so much more.

Many hi-fi companies can claim a number of awards for products. At Cyrus, however, there are a number of self-imposed constraints – most obviously, the small size of the products. It’s [relatively] easy to design great sounding products without any physical or budgetary restrictions. It’s another thing entirely to consistently defy the conventional wisdom, to challenge every precept in audio and to continuously push the envelope of audio technology.

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