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Nanotec Systems is a boutique cable manufacturer from Japan. Skillfully terminated by hand, each Nanotec power cable includes high purity Japanese copper, proprietary nano technology and Japanese paper/cotton shielding that delivers extreme performance at attainable prices.

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Nanotec cables are made from one of three different types of copper depending on price and performance including C1011- OFC (Oxygen Free Copper), HiFC and PC Triple-C all of which are coated with a proprietary colloidal liquid of gold and silver nano particles in different ratios depending on model and series.

The first specialty cable product is HiFC, a continuous cast 4N (99.99% or higher) copper from Hitachi Metals Group, that has had trace amounts of Titanium added. Performance of the the cable is comparable to 6N copper (99.9999%) but with superior elongation performance (bendable) attributable to the formation of fine crystal grains. HiFC allows the formation of fine crystal grains on the surface layer of the conductor (like PC  OCC) but at a superior performance to price ratio.

The second type is PC Triple-C (PC CCC) cable which many consider to be the finest cable available today. Triple-C cable was developed by the iconic metals specialist, Furukawa Company Group (founded 1870), using a special forging process of high purity OFC cable that is folded thousands of times (not unlike the ancient Katana sword methodology) with a variety of pressures, heat and angled rollers. The copper crystals' grain boundaries are thus transformed and realigned from a vertical direction into a longitudinal orientation.

The end result allows the electrical signal to flow in a manner that is sonically optimal for audiophiles. The copper's crystals become uniform and consistent both physically and electrically, which enhances conductivity. While the end result, (performance, sound) is comparable to high purity copper Ohno Continuous Cast cables (PC OCC), the process produces a superior grain than OCC and is significantly cleaner to produce and more environmentally sustainable. 

A superb and detailed descriptor of the various types of copper are available from High Fidelity magazine.

Nano Particles & Shielding

The Nanotec "Golden Strada" series cables use copper cores coated in a natural colloidal liquid containing different ratios of gold and silver, depending on series and model. These particles are truly nano in size and vary from 3.5 to 8 millionths of a millimeter.

Once soaked in the liquid the lightly twisted strands are covered in a PE sheath with low dielectric characteristics. Cotton string fillers are used for "air space" between the conductors and then wrapped again in specially made Japanese paper. The cores are then sheathed in various shielding conductors and one or two PVC skins are added, depending on the series.

Nanotec Systems Power Cable | AET


Nanotec System cables are methodically hand terminated in Japan and include only the highest quality Japanese made Furutech or AET ends. Special lengths and configurations are possible, contact us for a quote and ETA.


6 Moons review says:

"From Siltech to Crystal Cable and Mundorf/Zendo, the inclusion of molecular gold into the surface of silver conductor surfaces has long since become an established if not inexpensive metallurgical solution. Nanotec's colloidal process applies the same concept to copper but smartly circumvents the costly custom-extrusion process. The thinking customer with expenses beyond hifi wins. Bravo!"

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