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P12-6 Array Speaker


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This model can be used as a single sound reinforcement speaker, or mounted as multiples, with adjustable angles. 

It is also ideal either wall-mounted or ceiling-mounted as a surround and overhead speaker in larger sound pressure level demanding cinema applications.

The Performance Series is a unique cocktail combining the award-winning Artcoustic array technology, multi-coupled sub units and high pressure levels, all carefully aligned within Danish loudspeaker design principles. (Shown with the PS-6 Subwoofer in a stack configuration).


Operating Range: 55 Hz (-6 dB) to 20 kHz
Sensitivity:  106 dB
Max SPL: 126 dB
Weight: 15 kg
Dimensions: H 250 • W 700 • D 202 mm

Cabinet:  Black Performance Finish