Cayin iHA6 Headphone Amplifier - DEMO

  • Cayin iHA6 Headphone Amplifier - DEMO

    The i-series is Cayin's lifestyle solution for contemporary music lovers.It stands for minimalist design, flexible functionality, premium quality and a holistic approach to the subject of Personal Audio in a truly balanced amplifier.

    Constructed with semi-conductor technology, the iHA-6 offers innovative adjustments to allow for the adaptation of different headphone impedances and sensitivities.6.3mm jacks for high and low impedance cans, a set of 3-pin XLR and 1 set of 4-pin XLR for balanced signal transmission are included.

    Stacking the iDAC-6 and iHA-6 delivers a potent Headfi system that only requires a 25.2 x 25.2 cm footprint.

  • Specifications
    Maximum power output in balanced mode: 7W / 32 Ohm
    The maximum output power in unbalanced mode: 2,2W / 32 Ohm
    Gain: 0dB = Low, Medium = 10dB, 20dB High
    Frequency range: 5Hz-100kHz, -1dB
    THD in balanced mode:> 0.01% (1kHz)
    THD mode unbalanced:> 0.02% (1kHz)
  • One Only1! Quite simply one of the finest headphone amplifiers on the market today and certainly nothing of this calibre in this price range.