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8₂DAC Integrated Amplifier


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The Cyrus Audio 82DAC is the highest performing integrated amplifier from Cambridge audio company. With a complete set of digital and analogue inputs, you can connect virtually any source and output directly to your speakers. The powerful amplifier has an instantly impressive ‘grip’ on even large loudspeakers. Through carefully tuned components and our unique circuit layout, the 82DAC provides a clear ‘window’ on recordings, revealing layers of detail and complexity in the music that lesser amplifiers simply can’t achieve. The 82DAC is available as standard or in QXR version.

The Cyrus model 82DAC QXR is part of the Classic British hifi series of products and has been upgraded from a standard 82DAC integrated amplifier with the latest QXR board pre-installed. This new board improves the sound quality across all the digital inputs and increases the possible input resolution to 32bit/ 768k (DSD 512) through the USB connection.


Classic series products incorporate the trademark Cyrus Audio half chassis design. Initially challenged by some hifi enthusiasts, the smaller size is increasingly popular as space and aesthetics have become important considerations for many customers. Learn more about the design process, material selection and novel engineering solutions of the Classic series.


The Cyrus 82DAC QXR integrated amp is conceived to be the hub of your entire audio system. The aim was usability, simplicity and refinement. Supplied with the full iR14 remote control unit, it’s possible to connect almost every analogue and digital source through this highly competent unit.

The high quality bi-wire output of the 82DAC QXR gives a full 88 Watts into 6 ohms – enough to drive even the most demanding loudspeaker loads. To ensure the highest standards of quality, the power supply is a high current design that uses two transformers to completely separate the digital control stages from the sensitive audio signals – an approach usually reserved for pre/power combination amplifiers. The 82DAC also includes a great sounding headphone amplifier for those late night listening sessions.

By using a new ESS-based DAC, the upgrade has also introduced a new ‘re-clocking’ process across all the digital inputs, to reduce jitter and lower the noise floor. Incorporating a much shallower filter slope than ever before, QXR virtually eliminates phase interference in the audible band (an approach only previously possible with noisy FPGA DAC solutions)

The 8₂DAC QXR sounds clear, dynamic and musical, offering power and control that allows it to drive even demanding sound transducers and provide rich volumes without losing its agility and transparency.”


Stereo RCA analogue – 1 pair fixed, 2 pairs variable
BFA speaker – Yes
Headphones – Yes
PSX-R upgrade port – Yes
MC-BUS – Yes


Optical SPDIF – 2
Coaxial SPDIF – 2
USB B – 1
Analogue RCA Phono – 6 pairs


24/192 resolution through optical/coaxial inputs,

16/48 through USB

(QXR adds 32bit / 768k , DSD 512 through USB)


Watts into 6 Ohms – 88


Height – 73
Width – 215
Depth – 360
Weight (kg) – 6.9