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Cyrus CDi XR CD Player


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Cyrus CDi XR CD player comes from a heritage of award winning products. The Cyrus philosophy for reading CD has always been the same - read it once and read it accurately. The latest iteration of Cyrus SE technology in the CDi-XR does exactly this, streaming the data from the disc to the audio processing circuitry with precision and accuracy. 

 DAC Technology 

The XR DAC design includes the highest specified Sabre DAC. This, partnered with a high-speed analogue stage with excellent dynamic range delivers exceptional noise and THD performance from the DAC stage. Seven digital filter alignment options are user adjustable via the menu to suit the taste of the listener. 

Power supply design 

Within a CD player is a complex mix of signals including fast digital audio, sensitive analogue audio, high current servo and system control. To minimize interaction between these circuit stages the power supply design of the XR model is completely segmented. The digital control circuits run from a dedicated, high-efficiency supply, with other parts of the player powered from an over-specified linear power supply with toroidal transformer. Nine individual stage regulators smooth and distribute power within the player according to demand. 

PSU-XR port 

The CDi-XR includes a port for the new PSU-XR power supply upgrade. Thirty years ago Cyrus broke new ground with the introduction of the PSX-R, the first ever regulated power supply upgrade that automatically adapted to match perfectly the power requirements of any connected product. The PSU-XR raises the bar by sourcing no less than five independent regulated supplies in a single box. For the latest version, four of the PSU-XR power supplies are employed. One pair to provide ultra-smooth power for the analogue audio circuitry, one for the current-hungry demands of the motors and one just to provide an ultra-stable supply for the PLL digital master clock circuit, reducing any power supply related jitter to a minimum. 

Configurable options menu 

A new menu system makes the new top model customizable yet easy to set up. The tree-style navigation structure has display, time-out, digital filter and system configuration options. Menu settings are quick and simple to select.