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Cyrus Phono Signature Phono Stage

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The award-winning Cyrus Phono Signature is lauded as one of the best phono stage components available at any price. The purity of the tiny signal produced from the stylus is preserved throughout the amplification journey, through a deep understanding of circuit design and Cyrus Audio's relentless pursuit of perfection.

Music produced from a well-calibrated turntable, good stylus and the Cyrus Phono Signature is surely one of the finest experiences in audio.


Phono Signature has been designed to allow up to four turntables to be permanently connected because many vinyl enthusiasts enjoy multiple turntables, arms or cartridges for different records. It is also possible to calibrate each input separately from the comfort of your armchair using the latest included Cyrus IR14 remote control. No more hanging upside down or magnifying glass to adjust dip switches.

Each of the four inputs can be accurately matched to the exact specification of the cartridge and the acoustic preference of the user. Adjustment is provided for MC cartridges in; gain, resistance and capacitance. In addition, a switchable warp filter is provided to maximize amplifier performance.



Analogue RCA Phono – 4 pairs


Analogue RCA – 1 pair
XLR Balanced – 1 pair
PSX-R Upgrade Port – Yes
MC-BUS – Yes


Height 73
Width 215
Depth 360
Weight (kg) 4.1