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Ray Speakers

by Davone

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A modern classic

With it's iconic looks, the Davone Ray has already become a design classic. Inspired by cool sunglasses and lounge chairs, the Ray also achieves new levels of performance in the reproduction of sound. With state of the art components this loudspeaker lofts beautifully three-dimensional soundstages, exhibits admirably neutral tonal response, and delivers unexpectedly explosive dynamics. The Ray is hand made in Denmark.

Lounging & Shades

The original inpsiration for the Ray design came from a cool pair of sunglasses. They defined the front view and gave the Ray it's name (-Ban). The beautiful Eames lounge chair gave the side view and materials and finish. A hint of the designers youth favourite Bose 901 is also recognisable. This inspirational combination was a winner and the Ray has been a head-turner ever since it's introduction in 2010. The HR version, our most recent upgrade is now available.

The acoustic design

The fluid cabinet shape has not just been an aesthetic choice. The unique baffle shape, combined with the close proximity and off centre mounting of the tweeter and mid toner, gives a more balanced in-room response than the popular tower shaped speaker. Practically this means that great results can be obtained without re-doing the acoustics of your listening room.

Water cut solid steel stand

The Ray is elevated to the correct listening position and angle by a dedicated stand, shaped by laser and water cutters. Through it's design with up to 25mm thick solid steel, the stand provides a low compliance base from a sleek design. The small footprint also decouples the Ray cabinet from the floor. This effective stand design secures the fine dynamics in the low frequencies for more accurate listening.

All Davone speakers are hand made in Denmark and require 4-6 weeks for delivery.


Frequency response - 35-22.000Hz

Impedance - 4 ohm, 2.5 ohm minimum at 450Hz @ 0 degrees

Sensitivity - 89dB/2,83V/m

Max power - 150W (IEC 268-5)