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Eros Power Cord


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The Titan Audio Eros power cord is the second 1.5 metre cable in the level 2 range and is constructed with OCC single crystal copper. Yes! that's right, copper! But with good reason! This is a more expensive cable than the silver plated Elektra however the Eros is no ordinary copper cable.


OCC is often reffered to as continuous casting as the cable is one continuous single crystal which allow the electrons to flow easily through it. With standard copper, when magnified the copper contains millions of crystals, with the flow of electricity having to pass through each individual crystal. This then reduces the flow of elctrons through the cable. OCC is the best copper conductor available as the cable strands are one continuous crystal, meaning the electricity can flow through it easily, allowing for elections to flow without impedance.


The 1.5 metre cable then acts as a filter against disturbances in the AC mains supply. This results on a much lower background noise (creating inky black silences), cleaner and sweeter sound in the high frequencies and more depth and control in the bass frequencies. It also leads to enhanced detail retrieval.

The Eros cable is twisted and like the Elektra is sheathead in a PTFE dialectic with aluminium foil and a drain wire to reduce the effect of RFI and EMI interfence both mains borne and airborne. It is sheathead in an attractive grey/black woven material and it is fitted with a laboratory grade MK mains plug and an Oyaide red copper IEC Plug. This cable has been designed specially to work with power amplifiers including large integrated amplifiers, due to its exceptional power delivery.