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Exposure 3510 Monoblock Power Amplifiers (Pair)


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Exposure 3510 monoblock power amplifiers include large custom-made toroidal transformers and smoothing capacitors for the power supply delivering outstanding performance and iron grip on your speakers. These will change everything for the better.

The all bipolar transistor design uses carefully selected parts that are DC coupled throughout. An electronic, non-invasive overload protection circuit and thermal trip ensure maximum levels before clipping. This is a truly high-end, hand-made amplifier with superior performance to anything in its price range. Bi-wire is compatible with speaker outputs using high-quality shrouded sockets. Superior all aluminum casework reduces vibration and EMI. Priced per pair.


The 3510 series amplifiers deliver superb midrange with tight, round and deep bass. A very musical, full-sized power amp that will most certainly improve the sound from your current configuration. If your speakers sound flat or overly clinical, Exposure amps will bring a tube quality sound from a solid state amp.


• Large custom-made toroidal transformer and smoothing capacitors for power supply

• All bipolar transistor design using carefully selected parts

• DC coupled throughout

• Electronic, non-invasive overload protection circuit and thermal trip

• Balanced & Unbalanced Input

• Bi-wire speaker outputs using high-quality shrouded sockets

• High quality all aluminum casework

• Three-year guarantee

• Available in black or titanium