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Exposure XM3 Phono Stage


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The Exposure XM3 phono-stage is based around a single circuit board that contains all power supply and audio circuitry. A 200VA toroidal transformer has been placed behind the front panel of the case with a small mains switching and filter board beside it. Eight pairs of capacitors are connected in parallel in the PSU section to achieve the necessary power supply smoothing capacitance. 

The chassis is solid and includes an aluminum front panel available in black or titanium finish. The XM3 has separate inputs for MM and MC cartridges and these are selected using a push button on the back panel.


  1. Large 200VA custom made toroidal transformer for power supply
  2. Multiple power supply capacitors in parallel for low ESR
  3. All discrete transistor audio stages
  4. High quality resistors & capacitors used in the signal path
  5. Separate MM & MC inputs selectable on the back panel
  6. Adjustable loading & gain switches on the back panel
  7. High-quality all-aluminum casework and extruded front panel
  8. Three-year guarantee
  9. Available in black or titanium


Moving Magnet Input

Sensitivity : 3.5mV input for 350mV output, 40dB gain setting
Signal to Noise ratio, ref 1KHz & 350mV out :
Gain Switch 4 ON : >70dB
Gain Switch 4 OFF : >78dB

Moving Coil Input

Sensitivity : 350uV input for 350mV output, 60dB gain setting
Signal to Noise ratio, ref 1KHz & 350mV out : >67db A weighted. ALL gain switches (4-6)

General Specifications

Frequency Response : 30Hz - 20Hz within +/- 0.25dB ref 1KHz with low frequency roll off below 30Hz
Total Harmonic @ 1KHz, ref 350mV out <0.025% MC Input :
Maximum Output Voltage : 7.8V RMS 1KHz
Output Impedance : 50 ohms
Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V @ 50/60Hz (factory set)
Power Consumption : <25W
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 218mm x 89mm x 348mm
Net Weight (unpacked) : 4kg
Gross Weight (packed) : 5kg