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Lyngdorf SDA-2400 Stereo Power Amplifier

Lyngdorf is the pioneer in digital amplifiers, and the Lyngdorf SDA-2400 stereo power amplifier is not your typical Class D digital power amplifier. It’s better. It has very low and linear distortion and an impressive signal-to-noise ratio, making it the perfect choice for those seeking the purest sounding high-power amplifier on the market.  

The output stage uses Pulse Width Modulation with a patented switch speed optimization technology. Together with a fixed switching speed of 390 kHz and minimal feedback control, this ensures low and linear distortion compared to typical Class D amplifiers.


Power Rating:
2 x 400 W @ 4Ohm, 2 x 200 W @ 8Ohm
1 x Analog Single Ended RCA, 1 x Analog Balanced XLR, 1 x Coaxial Digital (≤192kHz / 24 bit), 1 x Optical Digital (≤96kHz / 24 bit), * All inputs has signal detection
Power Modes:
Input detection, Always on
Trigger (12V):
1 x Input, 1 x Output for daisy chain
Dimensions (WxHxD):
45 x 7.3 x 36 cm*, 17.7 x 2.9 x 14.2 in*, *including 1.3cm / 0.5in feet
Anodized aluminum, matte black
6.5 kg / 14.3 lb