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Neat Motive SX1 Floorstanding Speakers


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The Neat Acoustics Motive SX1 floorstanding speakers are a compact and elegant model that deliver audiophile performance and sacrificing little to larger and more expensive models. 

Hand made in England, the Motive SX1 use quality cabinet construction for lower resonance combined with real wood veneers for a gorgeous and high end loudspeaker inside and out.

This loudspeaker uses a two and half-way configuration, with the proprietary bass/midrange driver and a high end inverted dome tweeter operating within a sealed enclosure. The sub-bass drive unit is housed separately in a reflex-tuned section below. The bass reflex port is fitted to the bottom panel of the cabinet and is vented through an outlet in the stylishly sculpted MDF plinth.

In spite of the compact dimensions, the Motive SX1 manages to accurately reproduce genuinely low bass notes with spacious and well-focused stereo imagery.


Dimensions (HxWxD): 925/160/200mm
Footprint (WxD): 220/260mm
Weight: 14Kg Each
Shipping Weight: 35Kg pair
System type: 2.5-way Reflex
Impedance: 6 Ohms
Sensitivity: 87 dB/1 watt
Bandwidth: 25Hz – 30kHz