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Performance 820 Wireless Bundle

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The Power To Perform – Performance 820 Sirius Wireless Bundle

The Performance 820 offers ambitious newcomers to the world of excellent headphones a model made from robust materials with perfect workmanship, in which superior sound quality meets versatile application possibilities. Whether on a stereo, notebook or smartphone, the Performance 820 allows you to immerse yourself in a completely new world of headphone sound playback. The Sirius wireless module delivers the best of both worlds with wireless bluetooth.

The closed design of the headphone ear cups effectively mutes disruptive background noises so you can concentrate fully on the breathtaking listening experience, which is transmitted with an especially balanced sound by the 40 mm PET sound transducer. Upfront basses, compact mids and shimmering trebles come together to create an acoustic image that remains true to the source signal without discolouring it. The S-Logic Plus technology preserves an authentic spatial quality, even during headphone playback.

On a smartphone or tablet, the Performance 820 can also be used for voice calls as well as listening to music. The detachable cable has a microphone and a remote control which you can use to control playback and telephone functions.

Wireless with optimum sound
The Performance series’ sound quality is undisputed. High-quality drivers and S-Logic® technology ensure perfect sound transmission. SIRIUS makes no compromises, and uses the aptX® Bluetooth codec for highest quality, lossless audio streaming. Every model in the Performance series can be converted into a set of premium Bluetooth headphones using SIRIUS – but it is still possible to switch back to wired transmission at any time, for example for use with devices that are not Bluetooth enabled.

Perfectly amplified
In addition to its function as a Bluetooth receiver, SIRIUS also integrates a headphone amplifier into its compact housing. This not only ensures that Performance headphones always have enough power; the specially adapted amplifier also provides the drivers with the perfect signal for an exciting musical experience.

Music headphones and headset
SIRIUS has three buttons for operations. Two of them are for adjusting volume, while the third button can be used to play and pause playback. The integrated microphone even enables use of Performance headphones as a headset for making calls with a smartphone or tablet, or for wireless communication when gaming. Thanks to the high-performance battery, SIRIUS can be operated continuously for up to 12 hours.