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Performance 880 Wireless Bundle

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For musicians and music lovers. The Performance 880 is designed for music.

The Sirius bundle allows you to plug-in directly or use wireless bluetooth and regardless of whether you want to listen to music or make it yourself – these headphones will support you with a balanced, pleasant sound. The precise, detailed reproduction will delight both musicians and music listeners. Whether for private enjoyment or professional use, the Performance 880 delivers peak performance.

High Performance
The titanium-coated 40 mm sound transducer plays back music in an extremely precise and detailed manner. Powerful basses and silky trebles make your music collection into a whole new experience, which, thanks to the patented S-Logic® Plus technology, also has a precise and vivid spatial quality. With its faithful sound transmission, the Performance 880 is ideal for the pure, unadulterated enjoyment of music as well as for the creative processes of a musician.

Design Statement
The luxurious wear comfort also allows you to wear the headphones continuously over long periods of time. The foam in the cushioning is a special memory foam which adapts to the contours of the head and therefore fits especially well and comfortably on the head. For a custom wear feeling, you have the choice between high-quality artificial leather or extremely comfortable velour for the ear cushions. The high-quality workmanship, the ULE technology for shielding low-frequency fields and the stylish design with a colour combination of black and gunmetal make the Performance 880 a truly elegant piece of audio technology.

Sound, unleashed
Our Performance series enjoys an excellent reputation in the headphones market. The desire for a wireless model led us to an innovative new development: SIRIUS. Instead of enhancing the Performance series with just one new model with Bluetooth technology, we have developed a module that turns every set of headphones in the Performance series into Bluetooth headphones. Simple remove the cable from your Performance – and attach the SIRIUS instead. And just like that, you can enjoy your music via Bluetooth aptX® with full freedom of movement.

Perfectly matched
SIRIUS is designed to fit Performance series headphones exactly. Its strongly curved shape follows the design of the headphones and thus clings precisely to their housing. You won’t be able to tell that a SIRIUS module is docked onto the headphones. One of the reasons it is so inconspicuous is its extremely low weight: SIRIUS weighs just 12 grams – so Performance headphones remain as comfortable to wear as ever.

Wireless with optimum sound
The Performance series’ sound quality is undisputed. High-quality drivers and S-Logic® technology ensure perfect sound transmission. SIRIUS makes no compromises, and uses the aptX® Bluetooth codec for highest quality, lossless audio streaming. Every model in the Performance series can be converted into a set of premium Bluetooth headphones using SIRIUS – but it is still possible to switch back to wired transmission at any time, for example for use with devices that are not Bluetooth enabled.

Perfectly amplified
In addition to its function as a Bluetooth receiver, SIRIUS also integrates a headphone amplifier into its compact housing. This not only ensures that Performance headphones always have enough power; the specially adapted amplifier also provides the drivers with the perfect signal for an exciting musical experience.

Music headphones and headset
SIRIUS has three buttons for operations. Two of them are for adjusting volume, while the third button can be used to play and pause playback. The integrated microphone even enables use of Performance headphones as a headset for making calls with a smartphone or tablet, or for wireless communication when gaming. Thanks to the high-performance battery, SIRIUS can be operated continuously for up to 12 hours.