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R1 MK4 Clock Radio

by Ruark

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The look of the new Ruark R1 Mk4 is iconic and beautiful and we believe even more in-tune with what discerning customers are looking for today. This is the pinnacle of luxury radios and a pleasure for your office, kitchen or bedroom.

Ruark R1 MK4 Clock Radio

One of the hardest tasks in developing the R1 Mk4 was how to include the audio and features upgrades while maintaining a competitive price point close to that of its predecessor. The wood cabinets used in our previous R1 models undoubtedly looked beautiful, but were labour intensive to produce, so for the first time Ruark has chosen to use an efficient injection moulding process. 

The subtle profile the cabinet gives it a modern contemporary design and in addition provides a perfect surface for the new Light Cream and Espresso lacquer finishes. With internal acoustic treatment the polymer enclosure is strong and acoustically inert providing an ideal housing for the electronics and NS+ driver. The hand-crafted slatted wood grill delivers a timeless Eames like vibe that is still clearly Ruark.

Ruark R1 MK4 Cream Table

Enjoy the R1 in your office or in a cabinet, in sound and features we think that R1 Mk4 sets new standards! The linear amplifier along with our NS+ driver and adaptive equalization produce a rich and eminently listenable sound at all volume levels. The high contrast OLED display vividly shows time, alarm and program information and can be set to auto adjust to ambient light levels making it a perfect bedside companion. Reception sensitivity analogue broadcasts is excellent and with a quality Bluetooth receiver also included, customers can quickly connect and enjoy all their favourite streaming services. Also included is a USB charge and playback port that supports most formats including FLAC and WAV and a switchable line input for other auxiliary devices. Finally, Ruark's trademark RotoDial controller sited atop R1 makes operation intuitive and for those seeking distant operation, there is a compact remote control available as an optional extra.


Ruark Hotel features available through software upgrade contact us for more info

• Class leading sound with adaptive EQ
• FM Tuner
• High quality Bluetooth receiver
• Intuitive Rotodial Control System
• Linear amplifier with Ruark Natural-Sound+ driver
• High contrast OLED display with auto dimming
• USB-C charge and playback port
• Contoured polymer enclosure with acoustic treatment
• Hand-crafted slatted wood grille
• Adjustable treble and bass settings
• Easily customized settings for hotel use
• Improved power management with optional battery pack
• Optional remote control with direct access pre-sets
• Stereo headphone output
• Easy-to-use comprehensive dual alarms
• Finishes: Light Cream and Espresso lacquers
• Dimensions: H175 x W130 x D135mm
• Weight: 1.5 Kg