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Signature DXP

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The Signature DXP closed-back headphones offer particularly good acoustic insulation from ambient noise. This means you can cue and judge your mixes properly, even when the sound system is loud. In addition to its closed construction, the Signature DXP offers a whole load of sound pressure – up to 115 dB, if required.

Hinged ear cups

It all hinges on the Signature DXP. Thanks to the hinged ear cups, you can listen to the headphones with one ear while keeping the other ear free. This means you always have everything under control: your mix and the sound in the room. Acoustic insulation provided by closed-back headphones during normal wear often means DJs lose their connection to the club. With the Signature DXP, you stay in contact with your audience and the atmosphere in the room.

The entire spectrum

You can only mix what you can also hear. With the Signature DXP, nothing is hidden from you: the dynamic headphones cover the entire spectrum, from 5 Hz to 30 kHz. From heavy bass sounds to crystal-clear trebles, you don’t miss out on any part of the music.

Made for use on the go

DJs take their headphones with them everywhere. That’s why the Signature DXP is made to survive the exertions of a DJ’s everyday life unscathed. Your headphones are made from high-quality materials in our factory in Bavaria, and will provide you with many years of enjoyment.