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Diablo SL Speakers


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Danish speakers, the Artcoustic Diablo SL is a line-array type Precision Monitor. This is a very flexible loudspeaker designed for use in small to medium size rooms for home cinema, HiFi, or commercial applications as well as multi-room systems in kitchens, bedrooms, studies etc.

The Diablo SL is a high SPL speaker and for optimal performance it should be partnered with an Artcoustic subwoofer. Artcoustic uses only the highest quality drivers hand picked from Danish suppliers for the ultimate in sound reproduction.

Each unit is painstakingly constructed by hand. No manufacturing line, no robots, but a team of dedicated craftspeople. Every loudspeaker is inspected visually and technically to ensure all products leaving the factory are deserving of the Artcoustic name.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Screens (grills) are included.

Shallow in depth, this is a superb speaker in a compact and stylish design. These speakers require about 100 hrs of play to reach their full potential but well worth the wait.

Though the characteristics are consistent throughout the line due to the same drivers and tweeters being used, there is an obvious progression in sound as you move up through the line. 

 Any colour or finish available. Please contact us for custom colours.