About Us

From the founder: I wanted to focus on quality sound with simple and elegant design. The proliferation of throw away products was a trend we didn't want to follow and so began our search for companies that produced "high fidelity" products we would be proud to own ourselves. Operating near Toronto, in February of 2011 we began partnerships with ethical, like minded designers & manufacturers. We have assembled a collection of beautiful, high quality, high performance products from Europe and Asia which incorporate the best materials and latest technology. People are returning to more thoughtful purchases and I'm confident savvy buyers recognize the difference between value and price. We have a deep appreciation for music and we believe that everyone benefits from the superior sound quality and longevity of these well crafted products.

Our Website: We have designed the site to be a detailed resource for our brands and a secure platform for online purchases. The background on our manufacturers, their people and products are included along with videos wherever possible. High resolution photos are used in both product and interior shots so that the quality of materials, fit and finish, proportions of scale and colours are more easily realized. We have made every attempt to provide the details necessary for an informed decision and we strive to deliver you the right product the first time.


Environment & Work Standards: We believe that delivering well made items which last, is the first step to environmental responsibility. Many of our manufacturers design and build their products in various European countries including the UK, Germany and Denmark under fair work conditions at fair wages and at prices that are affordable to most everyone. Products produced in Asia are assembled in ethically approved and audited facilities, ensuring that the best possible quality, social responsibility and environmental standards are observed. 

Delivery: We make every attempt to keep items in stock however, based upon the wide variety of colours offered and hand made production or finishing, delivery can take 2-10 business days, based upon your selection and delivery location. Bespoke products (custom hand made) including Lyric Amplifiers, DALI Epicon 8 (Gloss White) or Graham BBC Monitors are "special order" and require 4-6 weeks for delivery. If you have any questions, please contact us prior to ordering and we'll be happy to provide details for your purchase.

 Our Collections: Components and speakers have been carefully selected to compliment each other, delivering what we believe to be is a natural and authentic musical experience. Our selection includes traditional solid state, tube components, pure digital, wireless, wired and in-wall speakers, sound bars (music systems really) which are designed to provide the best possible music or movie experience. All our products will deliver years of enjoyment and represent the highest value in the market today for quality electronics and loudspeakers. Nation Imports, our sister division, is the Canadian distributor for the listed brands and provides many of the products found on this website to independent retailers across Canada. Our partner stores are the best place to listen to and seek advice on the ideal product for your home. We encourage everyone to support your local retailer before shopping online. High Fidelity for Everyone!