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Cayin iDAC6 Tube DAC - DEMO

  • Cayin iDAC6 Tube DAC - DEMO

    Independent power supply to digital circuit and analogue circuit, left/right channel of digital circuit, DAC circuit and analogue circuit are powered by independent power supply system, reducing power interference among different circuits and making sure all components have clean power all the time.

    Employs state-of-the-art high resolution USB Audio technology, will accept and decode Hi-res digital audio bitstream through USB interface, a centerpiece of a high-end CAS playback system.

    Supports DoP (DSD over PCM) on Coaxial digital input, decodes DSD at 1 bitl (requires front end digital equipment supporting DoP output on Coaxial)

    Versatile and fits different needs. User can select RCA (single-ended) or XLR (balanced) output and the RCA output provides your choice of transistor or vacuum tube output for different sound signatures.

    Output can be configured as Line out or Pre-out (with volume control) and can fit into different systems easily.

    OLED display screen for first class visual performance.

    Fashionable design, compact and minimal, which easily blends into SOHO or household environment.

  • Technical Highlights
    Dual AK4490 DAC chipset from AKM, with each chipset operating a single channel. This is a genuine balanced DAC circuit with 4 channel active LPF that will fully explore the potential of the two DAC chipset.
    Built-in 5 digital filter.
    Dedicated, high quality Op-Amp for Low Pass Filter circuit.
    4 x 6N1B vacuum tube at buffer stage for longer listening without fatigue.
    Built-in Phase selection to ensure perfect playback.
    Extensive Mute protection and noise control, minimizing pulse noise when Powered on/off or noise generated from changing the operational stages such as UNLOCK.
    Solid chassis with aluminum alloy and sand blast finishing which eliminates exterior interference.
  • Specifications
    Output Level Line Out RCA:2.2V RMS BAL:4.4V RMS
    Pre Out RCA:2.2V RMS (Max.) BAL:4.4V RMS (Max.)
    Frequency Respond 20Hz~30kHz (±0.5dB,Fs=192kHz)
    THD+N Tube: ≤0.8% (Fs=192kHz)
    Transistor: ≤0.004% (Fs=192kHz)
    S/N Tube: ≥105dB (A-weighted)
    Transistor: ≥110dB (A-weighted)
    USB capability DSD: support DSD64 DSD128
    PCM: support upto 32Bit/384kHz
    AES/EBU, Coaxial, Optical capability PCM: support upto 24Bit/192kHz
    Max. Power Consumption 30W
    Dimension 240mm x 252mm x 69mm (WxDxH)
    Weight Approx. 3.8kg


Cayin iHA6 Headphone Amplifier - DEMO

  • Cayin iHA6 Headphone Amplifier - DEMO

    The i-series is Cayin's lifestyle solution for contemporary music lovers. It stands for minimalist design, flexible functionality, premium quality and a holistic approach to the subject of Personal Audio in a truly balanced amplifier.

    Constructed with semi-conductor technology, the iHA-6 offers innovative adjustments to allow for the adaptation of different headphone impedances and sensitivities. 6.3mm jacks for high and low impedance cans, a set of 3-pin XLR and 1 set of 4-pin XLR for balanced signal transmission are included.

    Stacking the iDAC-6 and iHA-6 delivers a potent Headfi system that only requires a 25.2 x 25.2 cm footprint.

  • Specifications
    Maximum power output in balanced mode: 7W / 32 Ohm
    The maximum output power in unbalanced mode: 2,2W / 32 Ohm
    Gain: 0dB = Low, Medium = 10dB, 20dB High
    Frequency range: 5Hz-100kHz, -1dB
    THD in balanced mode:> 0.01% (1kHz)
    THD mode unbalanced:> 0.02% (1kHz)
  • One Only1! Quite simply one of the finest headphone amplifiers on the market today and certainly nothing of this calibre in this price range.
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