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A clever Danish speaker

Cornered Audio have designed speakers to fit just about anywhere without hanging brackets. Cornered provides a much cleaner look and better sound dispersion than box speakers. Indoor or outdoor, the Ci series is perfect for home or commercial installs. 

Starting at just $349 a pair.

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Its a whole new world

Room calibration, digital streaming and immersive surround sound. Say goodbye to conventional audio.

Smart products that will power your sound.

Designers and Architects

Artcoustic speaker cabinets are available in any colour or finish. Covers can include licensed art, photo's from Getty images or something personal from the client's own collection. Ideal for residential or commercial spaces where a high quality, discreet and powerful system is required. Acoustical design services are available.

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Any colour you like

Each Artcoustic speaker is custom made to order. Covers and cabinets can be custom matched and painted in any finish. Choose licensed art from the Artcoustic Gallery, Getty Images or provide your own for covers with a unique and personal touch.

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No subwoofer required

The Artcoustic Architect 3-2-1 SL is a high SPL, full range single source speaker, for in-ceiling, multiroom applications. Ideal for residential or professional setups, such as bars, restaurants, hotels and all without the need of a subwoofer. High end Danish design at its finest, cover included.


Introducing the FR-1

Available in white or black, the Lyngdorf FR-1 on-wall speakers come complete with covers and do not require a sub. Full range sound without the floor space.


Game Changer...

The new TDAI-3400 integrated comes complete with Room Perfect room calibration, 2 x 400 wpc, a media player and programmable voicing control. Meet the new king of the hill.


A signature company

DALI (Danish Audiophile Speaker Industries), operates one of the most modern and sophisticated speaker factories in Europe yet, each speaker is signed by the individual who completes the final assembly. Its quite literally, a signature approach to quality. Listen as CEO, Lars Warre discusses his thoughts on sound. Hear from the team who developed the Rubicon series as we tour the incredible DALI factory. 


The best portable ever?

The Katch incorporates authentic DALI drivers in an aluminum chassis. The Omni directional design (speakers both sides) creates a huge soundstage for room filling sound. A two hour charge provides 24 hours of music.


We make sound beautiful

The DALI Kubik One is constructed from an aluminum chassis and uses authentic DALI drivers. The cover is available in 9 different colours and can be used as a soundbar or wireless music system that's ideal for any room.  


The story behind these classic speakers

Fearing that many of the classic BBC designs and years of research would be lost forever, a couple of chance meetings and some long conversations determined that the only way to preserve this legacy was to seek BBC approval to build them again. The result is the Graham Audio BBC licensed Monitors. 

Hand crafted in England, Graham speakers use a "thin baffle" design that was developed by BBC recording engineers during the most ambitious and expensive speaker development program in history.

Paul Graham, legendary speaker designer, Paul Hughes, and the team at Volt Speakers have produced a line as close to the originals as possible with modern, custom made drivers and tweeters, improving power handling and reliability. Used in both recording studios and audiophile installations throughout the world, the performance of this enduring and award winning design is undeniable.