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Discover the story of Ruark Audio, a family-owned company based on the southeast coast of England. Local experiences inspire Ruark's passionate team, things they admire, love of music and beautiful walks along the beach in Southend. Company roots go back to the early days of hi-fi, and while much has changed, they still stick to the principles of great music systems.

Founder, Alan O'Rourke, grew up playing guitar and surrounded by hi-fi equipment through his dad's work in the industry. Unsurprisingly, he created his own audio company; the first product, the Sabre, was a beloved little bookshelf-type, two-way speaker that won awards and put them on the map in the early 1980s.

In those days, all speaker cabinets were made of solid wood. Alan's dad, Brian, was a trained cabinet maker who worked with some of the pioneering greats of British hi-fi. He understood the importance of materials and construction in how a music system sounds. Like father, like son, they continue to apply these principles in their products and designs today. Trust Ruark to bring you the best quality for your lifestyle audio system.


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Ruark Audio MR1 MK2 Bluetooth Speakers
Ruark MR1 BackPack 3 Bundle | AUDIONATION
Ruark MR1 Backpack 3 Bundle Sale price$788.00
Ruark Audio BackPack 3 Battery | AUDIONATION
Ruark R1 Radio
Ruark R1 Radio Sale price$499.00
Ruark R2 MK4 Smart Sound System
Ruark R3 Sound System
Ruark R3 Sound System Sale price$1,299.00
Ruark MRx Wireless Speaker
Ruark MRx Wireless Speaker Sale price$899.00
Ruark R5 Sound System
Ruark R5 Sound System Sale price$1,899.00
Ruark R1 Hospitality Clock Radio

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