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Black Rhodium

Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable


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Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable

Black Rhodium Foxtrot S is a loudspeaker cable re-designed to deliver high-quality audio and inspired by a previous BR "Loudspeaker Cable of the Year Design."

Why the Foxtrot S?

The foxtrot S cable is an ideal upgrade to standard cables improving both tonal balance and depth of soundstage.

Foxtrot S Design

The re-designed Foxtrot S speaker cable has been improved with use of an attractive black braid system, which helps dampen vibration and reduce outside electrical interference. Further, a large ferrite core is attached which attenuates RFI signals and prevents the cable from acting as an antenna, significantly lowering background noise.


Black Rhodium’s Foxtrot S cable is fitted with gold plated Z plugs that are specially chosen for their clear sound quality, durability and smooth connection qualities.

Black Rhodium Foxtrot S Speaker Cable