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Black Rhodium

Black Rhodium Jive Speaker Cable


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Black Rhodium Jive Speaker Cable

Black Rhodium Jive speaker cables won the Hi-Fi World ‘Best Speaker Cable’ award for its ability to tame the harshness often found in low-priced music systems. It remains an incredibly popular all-round speaker cable, using 30 strands of high-purity tinned copper, each with a 0.25mm diameter.

Core benefits from an overall area of 1.5 sq mm, which is double the area of the company’s Rumba speaker cable.As with the majority of Black Rhodium’s speaker cables, Jive also uses silicone rubber insulation with its superior flexibility and fabulous musicality.

Jive cables deliver a silky smooth, accurate and well-balanced sound, without any hint of harshness, and decent, weighty bass.

The cables are terminated with Black Rhodium gold Z plugs (standard plugs shown) which are perfect for use with Exposure and Cyrus amplifiers.

Black Rhodium Jive Speaker Cable