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Black Rhodium

Black Rhodium Opus RCA Cable


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Black Rhodium Opus RCA Cable

Black Rhodium Opus RCA cable will bring any high fidelity system to life with high quality materials, design and careful construction.


  • High purity copper wire for improved stereo imaging. Internally twisted for superior noise rejection and smoother sound.
  • Silicone rubber jacket for low dielectric loss and improved speed enabling accurate and fast attack combined with the natural decay of music.
  • Terminated with high quality gold plated hourglass silhouette RCA Phono plug, for ease of use, especially in confined spaces, as well as superior connection and conductivity.
  • Advanced quality control of the direction of wiring during the production process, delivering superior stereo imaging, as well as lower background noise. 
  • Directional heat shrinks are applied to the attractive white sheath. This ensures that you can achieve the full benefits from this directional, aesthetically pleasing cable, due to its ease of use.
  • Cable manufactured in England, ensuring that we have close, face-to-face contact with the manufacturing and production facilities.
Black Rhodium Opus RCA Cable