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Black Rhodium

Black Rhodium Quickstep S Speaker Cable


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Black Rhodium Quickstep S Speaker Cable

Black Rhodium Quickstep S Speaker Cable was created by applying the exclusive design features of the company's most advanced loudspeaker cable.

Low Transient Phase

Quickstep gives a very clear diction of a singer’s voice and separates musical instruments superbly through a dramatic reduction of ‘Transient Phase Distortion’. This is reduced by using thicker insulation than is usual in speaker cables, increasing the distance between conductors and thereby reducing the magnetic field seen in each conductor wire as a result of the magnetic field created by the current in the other conductor wire. A further increase in the distance between conductors is achieved by use of the attractive cable braid and this further reduces ‘Proximity Effect’ distortion.

Vibration Damping

By reducing distortion, the music becomes clearer and more dynamic, with greater ambience and experience of the music’s emotional qualities. The construction of Quickstep includes the use of two separate and complementary materials that effectively damp Mechanical Vibrations within the cable without the expense of Vibration Stabilizers.

Anti RFI / EMI Technology

Quickstep uses RFI suppression technology originally development for high-end cables in its construction. This protects the signal wires from picking up radio frequency interference (RFI) generated from Radio, Wifi, Mobile Phones and even central heating systems. The result is less audible distortion allowing cleaner, clearer sounds to be enjoyed from your equipment.

Terminated with Black Rhodium gold Z Plugs.

Black Rhodium Quickstep S Speaker Cable