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Black Rhodium

Black Rhodium Twist Speaker Cable


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Black Rhodium Twist Speaker Cable

Twist speaker cable is perfect for your first hi-fi music system. The British made directional cable uses high quality BFA (hollow banana) gold Z plugs for perfect pairing with Cyrus or Exposure amplifiers but will fit any product with banana style inputs. 

HIFI Choice Recommended


Soft and highly flexible, a 1.2mm silicone rubber insulation is thicker than on most other loudspeaker cables and will reduce ‘proximity effect’ distortion due to the magnetic fields in each conductor affecting the current flow in the other.
In addition, cores have a slight twist to reduce distortion effects from radio frequency interference. The result is better tonal balance rarely experienced in this price range.


- 2 core twisted pair loudspeaker cable
- 0.75 sq. mm tinned copper conductors
- 1.2 mm silicone rubber insulation
- Terminated in gold plated Z plugs
- Directional
Black Rhodium Twist Speaker Cable