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Black Rhodium

Black Rhodium Waltz S Speaker Cable


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Black Rhodium Waltz S Speaker Cable

Black Rhodium Waltz S is a high-end loudspeaker cable designed for connections between high end amplification and speakers. 

Why Waltz S?

Waltz S cable is a new design based on Black Rhodium’s Quickstep S loudspeaker cable but sits above it because of its improved technology and heavier weight, which gives the cable a more musical sound.

Waltz S Design

Waltz S cable has been enhanced with the use of an effective metal screen to reduce RFI and magnetic interferences. It is then covered by an attractive black braid system that dampens micro vibrations in the cable, which can result in a reduced audio clarity.

Top Termination

Waltz S is terminated with either the Gold Z Plug or Graham Nalty Legacy Range GN-1 Straight Line Contact rhodium plated plugs. Rhodium plating is applied to the GN-1 plugs for a cleaner and less corroded contact between the plug and socket and a much more exciting sound. Extra security of the connection between the cable and plug is provided by a set screw that clamps the outer insulation of the wire.

Black Rhodium Waltz S Speaker Cable