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DALI Phantom H-60

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DALI Phantom H-60

Transform your home audio with the DALI PHANTOM H-60, an exceptional in-wall speaker that marries compact design with superior sound performance. Engineered to provide a full-range audio experience, this speaker is perfect for audiophiles seeking a blend of aesthetic discretion and high fidelity sound in medium-sized rooms and home cinemas. The PHANTOM H-60 features a 6½" woofer, constructed from DALI's signature blend of paper pulp and wood fibre, delivering precise bass and detailed midrange without the need for an additional subwoofer.

Installation is a breeze with the innovative dogleg mounting system, ensuring your speaker is securely fastened in place quickly and effortlessly. The sleek, magnetic front grille allows for a seamless integration into any home environment, maintaining a discreet profile without sacrificing sound quality. DALI's commitment to wide dispersion technology ensures an expansive sweet spot, providing an immersive listening experience throughout the room.

The PHANTOM H-60 incorporates audiophile-grade components in its crossover design, including a PPTC safety function to protect against overheating, and spring-loaded speaker terminals for a reliable connection. Its lightweight soft dome tweeter offers unmatched accuracy and detail in high frequencies, while the wood fibre cone ensures a high-resolution midrange and coherent bass.

Experience the perfect balance of size and performance with the DALI PHANTOM H-60, a true full-range speaker that enhances any home audio setup with its easy integration, discreet design, and exceptional sound quality.

DALI Phantom H-60