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Exposure Electronics

Exposure 3510 Preamplifier


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Exposure 3510 Preamplifier

Exposure 3510 Preamplifier is a high-end component manufactured in England, a completely updated product inspired by the award-winning 5010 reference preamp design. A new gain stage including high-quality relays and the oversized toroidal power supply delivers performance well beyond its price range.

Plenty of inputs are included with options for onboard MM phono, MC Phono, or a high-resolution DAC. A newly designed remote control gives you the freedom to switch inputs, mute, and control volume from the comfort of your chair. The front plate and chassis are made from aluminum for better cooling, superior EMI and RF noise reduction and long life.

Look at the way these have been made! Special attention was given to the gold-plated inputs, individually threaded and secured for superior contact and higher strength when used with oversized cables. 

Exposure 3510 Preamplifier