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Exposure Electronics

Exposure 3510 Top Loading CD Player

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Exposure 3510 Top Loading CD Player

Exposure Electronics, celebrating 50 years in the hi-fi industry, announce the release of its latest masterpiece, the 3510 CD Player. This addition marks the completion of the esteemed 3510 family of hi-fi products, celebrating the resurgence of CD music with technology designed to breathe new life into your cherished disc collection.

Advanced Sound Engineering for the Discerning Listener

The 3510 CD Player is a testament to Exposure's dedication to audio excellence, featuring an internal dual mono PCM1704 24-bit DAC known for its high resolution and exceptional channel separation. This cutting-edge digital-to-analog converter ensures that every note and nuance of your music is rendered with crystal-clear precision.

Audio output circuitry in the 3510 has been meticulously optimized, incorporating multiple stages of supply regulation to provide a listening experience that's both immersive and impeccably detailed. A high-stability crystal clock reference and a dedicated power supply regulator for the transport and audio stages minimize sonic jitter, ensuring flawless playback without distortion.

Designed for Integration and Aesthetic Appeal

As a standalone unit that complements any hi-fi setup, the 3510 CD Player boasts versatile connectivity options, including SP/DIF, coaxial, and Toslink connections. While it eschews HDMI out for a more focused audio output, it seamlessly integrates with other components of your audio system, enhancing the versatility of your entertainment experience.

The player's external design speaks to Exposure's commitment to both function and form. Encased in aluminum and featuring an extruded front panel, it elegantly mitigates unwanted resonance and electromagnetic interference, preserving the purity of sound. The inclusion of a remote control, which allows for the CD display to be switched off, further underscores Exposure's attention to detail in crafting a listening experience where sound quality reigns supreme.

Celebrate the Physical Medium with Exposure's Latest Innovation

Exposure Electronics continues to champion the physical audio medium with the launch of the 3510 CD Player. This device not only promises to reignite your passion for CD music but also stands as a symbol of Exposure's enduring commitment to merging traditional media with contemporary audio technology.

Exposure 3510 Top Loading CD Player