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Exposure Electronics

Exposure XMHP Headphone Amplifier


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Colour — Titanium

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Exposure XMHP Headphone Amplifier

Exposure XMHP is an award winning high end headphone amplifier, and preamp with DAC, and MM phono stage.

Hifi Choice has recommended the XMHP with the highest 5 star rating saying: "There’s a lot to like about the XMHP, but what’s so impressive is that every aspect of this versatile product is done to a good standard. It brings a seamlessness to its performance across the board, which is rare in products of this price. This means that, like its super-mini siblings, it comes highly recommended – headphones or not." 

Read the review: HIFI CHOICE


  1. Custom-made toroidal power transformer
  2. High quality all aluminium casework and extruded front panel
  3. High quality resistors & capacitors used in the signal path
  4. All discrete audio output stage with high drive capability for low impedance headphones
  5. 2 pairs of 6.35mm jacks and 2 pairs of XLR sockets allowing 2 pairs of headphones to be used at one time
  6. Moving magnet phono and two line level inputs
  7. Two coax (bnc) and two optical inputs and one class 2 USB input with DSD
  8. Separate pre-amp output
  9. Remote control
  10. Three year guarantee
  11. Available in black or titanium 


Analogue Inputs Pre Amplifier Output (input sensitivity / impedance / S/N):
AUX/PH input MM : 2.5mV @ 1KHz, 47K ohms S/N > 73dB
Frequency Response : +/-0.5dB 50Hz-20KHz. High pass roll off -1.5dB @ 20Hz
AUX 2 & AUX 3 input line : 350mV @ 1KHz > 14K ohms output gain x3.75, +11.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.005% at 1KHz : @ 1.3V RMS output
Frequency Response : 20Hz - 20KHz +/- 0.5dB
Signal to Noise Ratio ref 1.3V RMS Output : 1KHz >92dB
Channel Separation @ 20KHz : >60dB

Digital Inputs
SPDIF inputs BNC Coax & Optical : 32 - 192KHz @ 16-24 bits
Total Harmonic Distortion : <0.005% at 1KHz @ 1.3V RMS output
Signal to Noise Ratio ref 1.3V RMS Output : 1KHz : >98dB
USB input : Linear PCM 44K1 - 192KHz @ 16-24 bits DSD x64 (DoP) Asynchronous transfer from host

Headphone Output
Output Impedance : < 5 ohms
Maximum Level into 33 ohms load : @ 1KHz & 0.01% THD : 7V RMS (1.5W)
Total Harmonic Distortion : @ 2V output, 1KHz : <0.003% (120mW)
Maximum Level into 330 ohms : @ 1KHz & 0.01% THD : 7.5V RMS (170mW)
Total Harmonic Distortion : @ 2V output, 1KHz : <0.003% (12mW)
Load Impedance total all outputs : 16 ohms minimum

General Specifications
Mains Supply : 110/120V or 220/240V @ 50/60Hz (factory set)
Power Consumption : <15W
Dimensions (WxHxD) : 218mm x 89mm x 363mm (inc knob)
Net Weight (unpacked) : 4kg
Gross Weight (packed) : 5kg

Exposure XMHP Headphone Amplifier