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Michell Levis Turntable Feet

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Michell Levis Turntable Feet

Real maglev design using the same principle as high speed trains. When in operation, the only physical contact between the lower part of each foot and the upper part is three unloaded tiny radius points, almost pinpoints. These points of contact, made of high rigidity low mass polymer, are not load-bearing and are isolated from the metal parts by a polymer housing and spring. The sole purpose of these contact points is to ensure that the metal parts of the feet do not touch. This innovative design provides an extremely low level of contact, achieving as close to contact-free support as possible. Michell LEVIS magnetic levitation turntable feet are machined to an extremely high tolerance and effectively eliminate structural vibrations, enhancing your turntable's performance and ensuring a superior listening experience.
Michell Levis Turntable Feet