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Michell T2 Tonearm


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Michell T2 Tonearm

T2 is the latest, improved incarnation of one of our most popular tonearms.

The latest T2 Tonearm design takes full advantage of our brand-new arm tube and the current three-point arm mounting system. Each T2 is meticulously hand-assembled, creating a precision-crafted tonearm achieving extremely low friction levels and performance way beyond the expectations of a product at this price point.

The Michell T2 uses a custom one-piece, aluminum arm tube, carefully manufactured to optimize performance and reduce stress on the ultra-low friction polymer bearings. Each tonearm is meticulously hand-assembled using custom-made tools and torque settings to guarantee optimum performance.

This level of care ensures perfect tracking and maximizes the information the cartridge can extract from the record surface. The new tonearm now employs the same wiring as the T3 and has low-capacitance phono cables terminated in high-quality Neutrik phono plugs.

*Only available with the purchase of a Michell turntable.


Effective mass - Low / 11g

Mounting distance platter centre to arm hole centre 222mm

Michell T2 Tonearm