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Michell TecnoArm 2


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Michell TecnoArm 2

TecnoArm 2 is designed to offer a true end-game listening experience and easily competes with tonearms at three times the price!

Utilizing a custom one-piece arm tube, the tube is shot-blasted to make it more rigid, and then 22 holes are drilled in the underside to reduce mass. The underside of the integral headshell is machined to be perfectly parallel with the bearing position. The tonearm is assembled using the new ultra-low friction polymer bearings and mounted on a redesigned mounting base.

TecnoArm 2 is wired with our proprietary wiring loom and 99.9999% pure silver Litz wire, from cartridge tags to phono plugs, with no internal wiring joints.

Our TecnoWeight counterweight allows you to set the tracking force for your chosen cartridge easily and our new VTA/SRA adjuster sets the height of your tonearm, helping you ensure the stylus tracks the vinyl groove at the correct angle.


Effective mass - Low / 12.5g

Mounting distance platter centre to arm hole centre 222mm

Please note:
The TecnoArm 2 is only compatible with Rega turntables that utilize ‘Double brace technology’ if you do not use the VTA adjuster.

Michell TecnoArm 2